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2 Checkout

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2checkout is a global payment platform that allows receiving online payments from anywhere in the world. It maximizes your revenues and makes digital sales easier globally.

Hybreathe gives you integration services of 2checkout API. It adapts the local features of their business like currencies, languages, and payment methods to maximize the user's conversion.

Features of 2checkout

2checkout offers the following features to maintain the functionalities and it enhances the user experience.

Online Payments

It supports multiple payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, debit card, and PayPal with 24/7 customer support. It operates in 200 countries with 100+ currencies. It provides flexible business models.


It is an ultimate checkout solution. It gives localized checkouts. It gives marketing and merchandising tools. It facilitates the customers with 120+ cart integrations. 

Subscription and Billing

2checkout offers easy subscription management with flexible plans. It gives people invoicing and billing. It provides the customer with self-service support.

Reporting and Analytics

It provides immediate insights into sales and trends as well as customer health metrics, overall or at the business section level.

Financial Services

It supports global tax management and compliance. It properly manages the chargeback and refund.

Fraud Management

It reduces the risk which global sales create with premium fraud protection. Agreement with many additional standards and regulations. It gives outstanding platform uptime.

Advantages of 2checkout

  • Great marketing strategies
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Very simple and smooth to use.
  • It is a budget-friendly platform
  • It gives a powerful set of tools for customization
  • Very flexible implementation with a lot of functionalities
  • It provides great customer support
  • Easy to integrate, spontaneous, everything is properly documented.