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Amazon Pay

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Amazon Pay

Hybreathe offers integration of Amazon pay that is useful because it is integrated as a checkout option on your website. It protects the customer data and makes check out faster. With its secure payment options, it also helps to boost customer loyalty. Financial information of customers remains protected from the seller. It allows two different packages:

Pay with Amazon: It is for merchants and sellers to provide easy and best shopping experiences to customers.

Login and Pay: It is for customers to enjoy easy and secure checkout on thousands of websites.

Main Features of Amazon Pay

Here are some main features of Amazon Pay:

Inline checkouts: It enables you to receive payments and let the customer be on your website.

Fraud protection: It offers full fraud protection to both buyer and seller. 

Automatic payments:  It is a method that is stored in a buyer's payment account to automatically charge for a payment that occurs at regular intervals.

True Customer Identity: When merchant integrates Amazon Pay it also provides access to clients email information.

Amazon Pay serves you to make payments for goods and services and to make donations on third-party websites. Just sign in with your Amazon account and complete your buying and trading.

Benefits of Amazon Pay 

  • Very easy and simple to implement. 
  • The security level is great. 
  • Work easily on all devices.
  • No new account needed. Customers can use their Amazon Account. 
  • You can easily trace purchases.