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Bing Maps

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Bing Maps

Hybreathe offers you to avail integration services of Bing Maps on your website to ease your customers to search your website or business easily. It shows users the current traffic report for highways and significant roads. It uses four colours (red, yellow, green, black) to show traffic quantity, from highest to lowest way.

Services of Bing Maps

Street Map View

Users can browse and explore street maps for various cities worldwide. Maps cover certain features of interest built in, such as metro stations, stadiums, hospitals, and other departments. It is also possible to scan public user-created points of concern.

Road View

Road view is the map view and displays vector representation of roads, buildings, and geography.

Aerial Views

Aerial view is a feature that extends satellite imagery onto the map and highlights roads and major landmarks for easy identification amongst the images.

Venue Maps

A Venue map gives a means of seeing the layout of the venue. Bing Maps presents maps & level-wise layouts of above 5300 venues across the world.

3D Maps

The 3D maps feature allows users to see the situation (e.g. buildings) in 3D, with the added capability of rotating and tilting the angle in addition to panning and zooming.

Other Features

Its other features include Driving, walking, and transit directions, traffic information and clear flow, sharing and embedding maps, and people, business and location search.

Advantages of Bing Maps

  • It is easy to use and implement
  • It gives proper navigable news with a complete event presentation
  • Superior video share and powerful image search
  • Gives you complete local building info