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BitPay is online payment assistance that allows users to receive bitcoin payments and immediate deposits in their bank accounts. It is one of the leading payment processors and has been a go-to platform for online merchants to receive bitcoin payments.

Hybreathe offers you integration services of the Bitpay payment gateway. It allows businesses to receive payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and transfer those funds directly to a bank account.

Features of Bitpay

Bitpay facilitates its customers with many features. The service Bitpay offers includes:

Direct Bank Deposit

Bitpay offers this payment option where your funds are electronically transferred to your bank account. This can help the payer accept payment quicker and avoid dealing with physical cheques. In many cases, a direct deposit means your payment checks are automatically transferred into your bank account.

Email Invoicing

An email invoicing is a service that keeps the customer up to date about buying. Bitpay provides this service to facilitate its users. It is an email that includes a receipt, usually as an attachment, and a short note to the client. Receipts should never appear as a shock, so your email can be an easy favourable noti?cation that their receipt is attached, and praising them for their business.

Scheduled Billing

With this service Bitpay allows its customers to track payments that occur at a regular interval of time that customers make via online shopping. When a customer places an order with a reoccurring payment online, it produces a Billing schedule. Each following payment charged from the billing schedule creates an order.

Advantages of Bitpay

  • It is a fast easy and secure platform
  • It offers good exchange rates
  • It supports invoicing in 40 languages
  • It is easy to integrate
  • It gives multiple users capability
  • It ledger payment tracking
  • It sends payment notification to the customers