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Cardinal is a platform composed of verifying digital transactions. It has intelligent data-driven instruments for guarding transactions for customers to purchase and for retailers to assemble funds.

Hybreathe offers you integration services of Cardinal solution. It will decrease false declines, improve support rates, and produce a pleasant shopping experience. Cardinal as a software supported with ages of experience, has measured its assistance to give businesses and economic businesses with a diversity of features that are on offer in more than 200 countries. It can also handle in more than 180 currencies.

Services of Cardinal

Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) equips merchants with infinite versatility and protection during the authentication method. We use transformational data to update any consumer’s online experience, all while decreasing the chance of fraud and corrupt drops.

It is an optimizing global authentication for digital economics thousands of retailers and issuers processes billions of transactions every year. Making authentication is fast, efficient and reliable.

It reaches a data-rich procedure, merchants can decrease their fraud and malicious decline numbers without losing the consumer experience. Even better users can buy without needless checkout conflict. It helps your business hit the proper balance. It Universal Wallet feature also enables users to integrate their various digital wallets and payment gateway accounts such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Visa CheckOut, and MasterCard MasterPass. For customers, this facilitates stable and protected transactions for their payments in a few simple and easy steps. This security is further enhanced with clarification of the complex process of PCI scope.

Advantages of Cardinal

  • It keeps you on top of your authentication process
  • It gives various integration services and enhances customers experience
  • It covers the way for improved sales and better customer assistance 
  • It allows users to integrate their different digital wallets and payment gateway accounts