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It is an online tool that allows individuals and businesses to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, etc. It converts the cryptocurrencies into real-world currency.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of Coingate. It shows the capability of buying and selling Bitcoin in a safe and secure atmosphere.

Features of Coingate

Coingate offers the following features to ease its customers. The few main features include:

Document Encryption

It offers you the document encryption services. With this service, all the documentation remains protected and only the related person will access it.


It advances fast and quick registration, makes it flexible with multiple tools, and easy payment methods. Set up payment support, track orders, and maintain your cryptocurrency profits. Access a completely integrated, adaptable, global platform that encourages better crypto assets. It accepts credit cards and Mastercard.

Bitcoin Point of Sale

This feature enables a business to receive Bitcoin payments on any internet supported device.

E-commerce Plugins

Coingate integrated among several e-commerce plugins.

Bitcoin Payment API :

Completely customized API supports integrating Bitcoin payments with over 50 currencies in every online business.

Payment Button:

This feature allows you to register the purchase details like price, sender details, etc. With customized settings, you can receive notifications also.

Accepts over 50 Altcoins

Coingate receives Bitcoins and above 50 cryptocurrencies like XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 

Other Services

  • Immediate conversion to EUR/USD 
  • Changelly integration
  • 24- hour withdrawal service
  • Superior security with 2-Step Authentication using Google Authenticator

Advantages of Coingate

  • Fast, reliable and globally available
  • Excellent service with many advance features
  • Good Customer Support
  • Good for both offline and online marketers
  • It offers Multiple cryptocurrencies