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Expedia is an online travel agency and search engine and can be used to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rents, cruise ships, and holiday packages.

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Features of Expedia

Expedia is an online travel agency that serves tourists plan and book tour (flights, hotels, cars, activities).


Expedia provided clients with the superpower of remaining ready to explore and compare prices for travel at few click. An enormous benefit over the slow method of calling up your travel agent and asking about pricing information for several travel transformations. It offers over 435,000 bookable hotels and above 400 bookable airlines. Coverage became an essential part of keeping Expedia, as a product, valuable. That involves onboarding retailers all over the world and presenting them with the tools to run an efficient business off of the Expedia program (providing list, managing payments, managing advertisements, etc).

Easy Usage

Expedia makes it effortless to explore travel options. It provides its customers with research widgets, filters, easy to understand text information, superlatives like Exceptional, Good, rating snapshots, map views, informative messaging. Expedia makes it easy to stay organized. An Expedia study unveiled that clients may do up to 48 searches before feeling comfortable to book.

Advantages of Expedia

  • It presents you multiple packages
  • It gives you complete schedules about flights
  • Cancellation of flights is easy
  • It tracks and saves your tools
  • It provides fare and reservations around the globe
  • It is an online and easy online travel service