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Google Maps

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Google Maps

Google introduces a web mapping service known as Google Maps. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets (Street View) any many more features. Over 1 Billion people use it every month. Hybreathe offers you the integration services of Google Maps APIs. It allows your customers to find your website easily with the help of Google Maps. It will also make the rank of your website better.

Services of Google Maps

Direction and Transit

Google Maps presents a route planner, enabling users to discover available routes through driving, public transportation, walking, or biking. It is globally linked with 800 public transportation providers to obtain General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) accepting third parties to access data. 

Traffic Conditions

Google started offering traffic data as a coloured overlay on the head of roads and motorways to express the speed of vehicles on specific roads. To obtain the GPS-determined locations of a huge number of cell phone users, it offers crowdsourcing.

45 Degree View

Google launches a new view consisting of 45° angle aerial imagery, offering a "bird's-eye view" of cities. It is available in the United States and worldwide.

Indoor Maps

Google Maps presents Indoor Maps, giving users the facility to navigate themselves within buildings like airports, museums, shopping malls, universities, transit stations, and other public spaces (including underground facilities).

Google Local Guide

Google Local Guides is a program of Google Maps. It enables its users to add to Google Maps and it gives them additional features and advantages for the work.

 Advantages of Google Maps

  • Easy to use with many advance features
  • Helps to find parking
  • It shows better time to travel
  • Allows you to see Traffic Rules
  • It gives detail information about public and private transportation
  • Smooth navigation
  • It provides many features without making the application slow.