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Google News

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Google news

Google develops a news aggregator known as Google news. It offers a continuous course of articles ordered from thousands of publishers and journals.

Hybreathe offers you to integrate Google news on your website to fulfil the news craving of your visitor immediately. It is the world's largest news aggregator.

Services of Google News

Google news shows a pull-down list at the top of research results allows users to define the period in which they wish to explore for articles. This menu covers choices such as past day, past week, past month, or a practice area. Users can demand e-mail alerts on multiple keyword topics by subscribing to Google News Alerts. E-mails will be sent to subscribers whenever news articles equaling their requests come online. RSS and Atom feed also helps to show alerts. The displayed section is highly customizable, their location on the page, and how many multiple stories are visible with a JavaScript-based drag and drop interface.

Advantages of Google News

  • It shows you the top current headlines
  • User can swipe among various sources and see quotes from them
  • It let you see world news easily
  • It is very easy to use
  • It shows you the all the headlines and the latest news and articles of various publisher