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Google Translate

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Google Translate

Google develops online machine translation service known as Google Translate. It offers a web interface and helps developers to make browser extensions and software applications. It supports 109 languages at different levels. Over 500 Million people use Google Translate and 100 Billion words translated daily.

Hybreathe offers you the machine translation service of Google translate. It translates the word, sentences and complete web pages from English to any languages and reverses. 

It translates the whole sentence. It broadens the context help to figure out the most relevant translation. It rearranges and adjusts it like a human speaking with proper grammar.

Functions of Google Translate

The several main functions of Google translate.

  • Written words Translation: It translates written words to many different languages
  • Website Translation: It translates the whole webpages.
  • Document Translation: This is a function that translated documents to the selected language. The forms of a document are as follows .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx.
  • Speech Translation: It instantly translates spoken language into a different language.
  • Hand-written Translation: This function translates the hand-written language on a phone screen or drawn on a virtual keyboard.
  • Image Translation: It eases the user to translate text on images.

Features of Google Translate

Google translate introduces many features to make it user friendly.

Download off-line languages: 

Its feature off-line languages make your travel around the globe easy. You can download multiple selected languages as a backup. You can easily use Google Translate for basic translation without internet access while travelling.

Translate High-lighted Text:

Google translates introduces the feature via Chrome, it is very easy to translate any text that came across. Just highlight it click the menu button and select translate.

Conversation Mode: 

It is specific for conversation. The conversation mode is accessible through the hand icon at the top of the conversation. It makes easy for you to understand another person situation in their language.

Live Visual Translator:

It allows you to point your phone towards the sign written in other languages and you will get live translation in your language.

Tap to Translate:

After enabling this feature is that a translation bubble appears on your screen whenever you copy text.

Advantages of Google Translate

  • It is fast and convenient
  • It is very appealing
  • It is more accurate
  • It uses a statistical learning approach
  • No waiting, you get your translation at just one touch