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Map box

Mapbox is a supreme location data solution created for developers. The platform presents different map abilities which enable users to add location features into all kinds of applications. With this, it becomes more comfortable for users to move around new areas and investigate new places.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of Mapbox solution. It encourages developers to add maps and additional navigation features into any activity they create. The platform manages the geo stuff and provides you with the option to concentrate on building, growing, and creating your application.

Features of MapBox

Mapbox is the spine for other programs, it benefits insurance companies monitor assets, real estate businesses envision characteristics, satellite companies provide cloud-free imagery, businesses examine important geodata, and drone businesses build flyovers.

Freedom to Focus

Mapbox designs attractive maps and user-friendly location data and provides you with the freedom to focus on the essential features of building your app. It has all the features needed to build complete experiences of investigating the world. This software has a diverse set of building blocks which includes maps, search, and navigation.


The research functionality has a strong geocoding that allows a global forward/reverse long-standing geocoding. It assists you to transform your address into coordinates and vice versa. Also, the research building block performs it simple to run group queries and store the results for use on Mapbox.


Mapbox introduces the navigation functionality offers an exceptional turn by turn routing using real-time traffic. The feature gives available lane guidance, traffic-aware routing, turn by turn direction, events, and walk, the bike, and driving.

Advantages of MapBox

  • Map box is highly customizable
  • Beautiful base map with editing service
  • Standard data flow
  • Documentation is very extensive
  • Easy access to data