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Microsoft Translator

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Microsoft Translator

Microsoft offers the machine translation service known as Microsoft translator. It allows translating, words, text, phrases and whole conversation. You can easily integrate into multiple consumers, developers and enterprise products. Microsoft Translator supports 69 language translation systems and 11 speech translation systems.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of Microsoft translator to make your personal, economic life easy. You can easily translate anything from any corner of the world. 

Features of Microsoft Translator:


It allows the translation of conversation on both the application and the browser.


It offers two voice conversations.

  • Split-screen translation:  You can speak two languages in one microphone for a one-on-one conversation.
  • Single Microphone:  Speak the phrase in microphone and you instantly, get its translation online.


It supports both online and offline text translation.

  • You can translate online texts over 60 languages. You can listen to it at three different speeds.
  • You can download offline bundles to access the translator if you do not have internet.


Microsoft translator built-in camera feature helps you to translate the text in photos or upload saved photos.


This feature helps you to verify the translation for travel. With pronunciation guide, you can easily learn many phrases and save them in your favourites.

Advantages of Microsoft Translator

  • It offers easy Skype and website integration
  • We can use it offline
  • It let you conversate in groups and make your interaction easy with many people
  • Its interface is very friendly and easy to understand
  • It interprets all common languages