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Novo Pay

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Novopay Banking Solution is an API approved digital banking solution that changes how banks release goods and services to their customers. It allows them to develop a banking structure or system that improves operational efficiencies and gives beneficial customer experiences. 

Hybreathe can integrate Novopay on your website to make you digitals banking efficient. All banking activities and cash transactions can be done on the go. Bank customers can also give funds to bank accounts, buy insurance products, and get loans.

Features of Novopay

Novopay facilitates its customers with premium features.

Digital Banking

Novopay Banking Solution supports banks to give their employees and clients with comprehensive digital banking experience. Novopay lets them use cloud-based technologies to boost employee productivity, improve operational capabilities, and deliver powerful and accessible banking experiences to customers. 

It allows bank customers to do all their banking activities and make instalments on the move immediately and directly from their smartphones. They can transfer funds to bank accounts, borrow funds, and buy insurance products and mutual funds everywhere anytime. 

Artificial Intelligence

Novopay Banking Solution uses artificial intelligence which is beneficial for particular bank methods and transactions that need big decision-making. For instance, this solution allows them to execute an AI-driven credit scoring. Novopay Banking Solution examines the repayment behaviour of customers who are asking for loans and attempts to foretell their possibility of failure. Hence, it helps users make the right loan choices and reduce or non-performing assets.

Advantages of Novopay

  • It is very simple to use and implement
  • It offers 100% digital experience
  • Merchant offers multiple support systems
  • It maintains smooth cash flow
  • It is supportive for businesses of all sizes