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Pay Line

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Payline is automatic payment software that supports online shops boost sales, optimize business performance, and give the best shopping practice to their customers. It manages purchases of international or local customers, the software changes to their business needs. Payline allows users to set up payment methods tailored to the decisions and orders of their clients.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of Payline payment gateway. It is software that is provided with an anti-fraud module that allows users to obtain client's information, examine buying practices, and recognize suspicious action.

Features of Payline

It provides features to encourage the experience of users. 

Increase Sales and Financial Performance

Payline gives a feature that supports online shops increase sales and promotes financial performance. It has an automatic retry function through which customers can make new attempts when their transactions declined. When a payment is declined, Payline immediately suggests other payment methods that the client can change into, without the need of leaving the shopping cart and starting all over again. Users can also allow customers to place orders with just a single click.

Identify Your Customers

The payment solution is also provided with characteristics that allow online shops to recognize and stop fraudsters, without the need to interrupt the activities of their clients. Payline also creates strong data analytics reports that can be used to assess the effectiveness of fraud laws. Besides, online shops can refine the fraud rules they are completing with demanding assistance from Payline’s fraud mining experts.


Along with the chargeback security feature, Payline Data utilizes some extra security steps at checkout that intend to restrict your account. Besides, card-not-present clients must confirm their address. Payline also provides a built-in rules-based fraud solution that assesses your payment history and configures filters to help distinguish between genuine and unusual activities.

Customer Service

Payline gives client assistance and supports through email and a phone line. Payline gives you high-quality client service and support. This is a clear sign of their commitment to perfection.

Advantages of Payline

  • Simple to use and integrate
  • Pricing is simple and accessible
  • Good customer support
  • No cancellation fees
  • Premium fraud protection