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Hybreathe offer you the integration services of PayPal APIs. Having this API support you to accept online payments quickly and safely. You can simply make payments with several clicks.

PayPal APIs

PayPal offers APIs for providing benefits to customers.

Payments: Integration of Payment APIs supports to allow payment and take the allowed payments, refund payments. It shows us complete payment information.

Billing Plans:  It supports you to create and list billing plans. You can also update billing plans from time to time. It gives you full information about billing plans.

Order: Order APIs help you to create, update, recover, allow and take orders. It gives you a full representation of payments between two or more parties.

Smart Payment Buttons: It gives a smart and clear checkout experience. It effectively shows the most important payment types. It provides more ways to pay and supports to buy.

PayPal Services

It enables customers to transfer, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies all around the globe.
People can make financial transactions. PayPal allows you to transfer funds electronically between person and business. You can buy and sell goods and services. Customers can set the currency option as they want. It makes your access to the millions of stores make buying and selling simple. 

  • They allow in-person and online payments
  • They provide a proper way of transferring and requesting money
  • They provide different levels of security and payment protection
  • They charge a variable or fixed both fees for their services
  • It helps in record-keeping, tracking orders, and generating sales report etc
  • It keeps your things organized or planned

Advantages of PayPal

  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • It records your transactions you can easily see it on the transaction page
  • It secures customer's data and sensitive information to the highest possible standard of security
  • You can easily send money to friend and family for free
  • It offers discounts and rewards to loyal customers

Note: Hybreathe offers integration services both version 1 (v1) and version 2 (v2) of PayPal.