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Pay U

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PayU is a fintech company that gives payment technology to online retailers. It allows online companies to receive and process payments through payment methods that can integrate with websites.

Hybreathe offers you integration services of PayU APIs. These APIs help you to accept and process quick and secure online payments for the growth of your business. It is very reliable to make a purchase using this payment gateway. It is one of the prime payment gateways and is very secure.

Importance of PayU

In the system of e-commerce, PayU is a really important player! It is because of its Global Reach, it is one of the foremost financial assistance providers in developing markets across the planet. It is now working in 16 growth markets across the world, about 1.2 million payments everyday process on this platform.

PayU Services

It provides you with all the proper customer services. It conducts secure transactions, manages your online business. It will fulfil your order and keep track of your figures and sales. It serves you with multiple payment methods. It gives you complete and proper fraud protection. It allows both customized and recurring payments. All transactions can be handled between the payment gateway and bank. It offers you the most advanced shopping cart solutions and content management. Multiple payments processed at a time. 

Advantages of PayU

PayU facilitates its customers in many ways:

  • Quick, safe and secure payments
  • It offers correct reporting of purchase and allows complete tracking of sales and figures
  • Simple settlement services
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Product reliability
  • Make new customers with different payment methods