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Payza is a web-based online payment process and E-wallet service. It allows both individuals and businesses to transfer and collect payment securely. It can make your all online payments. You can do shopping to receive funds from anywhere in the world. It operates in 190 countries of five continents. You can also transfer and accept payments in 25 international currencies. It serves 9 million users worldwide.

Hybreathe offers integration services of the Payza payment gateway. It works personally and professionally. It provides its customers the high protection, flexibility, and support. It allows credit and debit card payments, ACH payments, online banking, and money order from Bitcoin.

Quick addition and withdrawal of funds  

Another of Payza's highlight is its electronic wallet. Adding and withdrawing funds is a simple and quick process on this platform, with amazing benefits, such as the chance of transferring cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.). It allows send and receives payments from a single platform.

Receive payments in Bitcoin

In an e-commerce environment, Payza makes it possible to receive Bitcoin in the form of payment. Payza allows you to control Bitcoin addresses, which indicates that your users are free to create personalized addresses for the cryptocurrency.

Two Types of Account            

Payza offers you personal and business accounts. You can create both accounts free of cost but both accounts have different features.

  • Personal Account: It allows you to add and withdraw funds, get Bitcoins exchanges, get the Payza Card, and experience the Buyer security of Payza, with different benefits.
  • Business Account: It offers features like access to Payment Buttons, transferring personalized receipts, processing payments in the online market, transaction history, or access to dedicated tools, with others.

Quality Customer Service

Payza presents you the high-quality customer service and maintenance. This is a definite sign of their dedication to excellence, a platform that also surprises with its protection standards and protocols.

Advantages of Payza

  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • It is cost-efficient and effortless
  • A wide selection of payment buttons
  • User can personalize their checkout process
  • It offers multiple local payment methods
  • It centralizes all information in a single platform