Portfolio Details

Portfolio Details

Ecommerce App

We designed and developed an e-commerce store that contains all sorts of products like grocery, health products, beauty and cosmetics, electronics products, etc.

We believe the future of luxury fashion retail will be defined by the reinvention of the consumer experience, through online and offline integrations. We call this vision Augmented Retail, taking the magic of the physical store experience and bringing it together with the advantages of the online and digital experience, underpinned by the use of data.

Our Augmented Retail vision begins with the consumer in mind. Consumers enjoy the experience of being in-store, building a relationship with the sales associate, and experiencing merchandise in the luxury store setting, yet technology has meant that consumers now expect ultra-personalized experiences, both in their real and digital lives, and expects those worlds to be seamlessly connected.  With this in mind, we have developed a range of services and technologies to progress innovation in the luxury industry.

Ecommerce App

Client Name
: akash
: PHP development
Start Date
: Dec 03, 2019
End Date
: Dec 21, 2019
: Completed