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Razor Pay

It is a payment solution that allows you to accept, process, and transfer payments.

Hybreathe offers you services for the integration of Razor Pay. It enables you to access all the payment methods including credit and debit cards, unified payment interface (UPI), and popular E-wallet.

Features of Razor Pay

We introduce you to some important features of Razor Pay. It will facilitate your online payment process with many features.

Quick and easy checkout

Razor pay offers checkouts with visual design, clear and spontaneous, which are one of the main powers of this payment. 

Multiple Payment Modes

Razor's pay most outstanding quality is its broad variety of payment methods. The main reason for shopping cart abandonment is a cheap number of payment choices, which has a negative impact on the user’s experience.

This platform offers the following payment options

Credit and debit cards: The most broadly used payment method is credit and debit card, and therefore it cannot be missing from the payment options of Razor Pay.

Bank Transfers: Razor pay allows you to receive payments through more than 50 international banks, an unusual number even for the most leading level of payment.

E-Wallets: It is possible to accept payments from clients through the main practical wallets in the market.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI). European and American businesses and trademarks are unfamiliar with UPI payments, the NCPI (National Payments Corporation of India) develops a real-time immediate payment system and Reserve Bank of India approves it.

Equated monthly installment (EMI). This enables customers to give a service of monthly installments in a simple and protected way. Some NGOs and service businesses will be satisfied with Razor pay’s payment opportunity.

Practical Dashboard

Razor pay control panel is one of the great powers of this program. It enables you to control each payment separately, access key statistics, and analyze relevant metrics and statistics. Through this dashboard, it is also possible to treat refunds and perform different functions in a simple way.

High-quality Customer Support

Customer service at Razor pay is exceptional. The documentation and support center for developers is very comprehensive and beneficial. The FAQ page gives a clear response to dozens of service-related issues.

Advantages of Razor Pay

  • Brilliant support system
  • It offers effective checkouts with easy integration
  • Multiple payment method support
  • It is friendly platform with many informative documents