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Secure Pay

An online payment system that provides payment solutions for businesses and organizations of all sorts, and sizes. Hybreathe offers you to avail integration service of secure pay. It facilitates online payment processes and secures the entire user's data and sensitive information. It provides complete protection against fraud payments.

Features of Secure Pay

Secure pay offers you the following features to ease its customers.

Online Payment

Accept payments online, survey complete reports, and access local assistance. For simple everyday transactions.

Billing and Subscription

Regular payments on customizable program. You can manage payments occur on regular intervals with amount and regularity, and see accurate statements from your dashboard.

Security and Fraud Protection

Secure Pay continues up to the modern global standards of online protection, keeping your customers' economic and private details secure. Its Fraud Guard decreases your presentation to false transactions by identifying fraud before it happens.

Simple Reporting

It is a very manageable and easy to operate interface, Secure Pay makes it effortless to track all your payments, set date limits and explore particular payments

Easy Integration

Secure Pay is fast and simple, running with any website type and giving complete documentation as well as local support. It presents a sandbox version, enabling you to freely examine Secure Pay on your website for as long as you would like before signing up for a live account.

Advantages of Secure Pay

  • Easy account management
  • It offers a variety of payments options
  • It is very secure and cost-efficient
  • It offers a wide range of payment options
  • Easy shopping cart integration