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Hybreathe offers you integration services of Skrill APIs. Integration of these services on your website enables you to take payments easily and quick. It supports instant bank transfer worldwide and customers can directly pay from a bank account without leaving your website. You can receive funds instantly and charge-back is free. You can gain access to credit cards with many local payment options with only one account.

Skrill APIs

Skrill present you APIs for customer's comfort.

Skrill Quick Checkout: It is the fastest and easiest ways to take payments. It let you add cards and many payment methods with just single and simple integration. It also secures us from Chargeback fee and improved the fraud management.

Checkout with the Card: It is very convenient, fast and secure. It offers you instant bank deposit. You can easily pay with your card by linking it with Skrill.

Skrill Account and Services 

You can create a Skrill account in 40 currencies and you can add more currencies later in your account. When you send money to bank account using Skrill no extra fees is charged. It offers a customer’s premium membership like Skrill VIP with additional features.

Advantages of Skrill

  • It offers cash payments, credit card payments, and email transactions and makes the payment process simple and secure
  • It is accessible from almost anywhere, anytime
  • It allows withdrawing cash from ATMs
  • It makes payments for online buying easy
  • It allows free or very low charges for different types of transactions