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Payment Gateway

People prefer to use credit cards and debit cards to make payments and pay bills. People feel more confident and comfortable having plastic credit rather than carrying paper money. Online Payment Gateway ensures safe and smooth transactions. It helps to improve customer care service and reduce late payments. It is also very care-free to report an error and refunds possible. You can also claim to these gateways if you do not get the desired product.

Hybreathe offers you the e-commerce payment gateways integration services to make buying and selling convenient and easy. These gateways help you to integrate with other channels such as website or mobile apps. Payment gateways works as a bridge in exchanging information between website, clients and a bank. We also present you

  • Payment Gateway Integration services.
  • Free core PHP source Code of all payment gateways.
  • Hybreathe provides the source code free of cost.
  • The solution of code in Laravel, Codeigniter, and many other web platforms.

We offer you the most advanced payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Skrill and many other more. It facilitates you so you can buy with the help of credit cards and online banking. It saves your time, reduces human errors and smoothly increases the cash flow.
Here are some benefits of Online Payment gateway to make the process secure and fast.

Card Payments:

Payment with the help of credit cards, debit cards, visa card and master cards are very usual nowadays. It helps in making transactions easy and efficient due to its batch upload feature. It allows multiple transactions at a time and verifies account quickly and reliably. It secures your card number and other card data.

ACH Payments:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) system introduces to the bank and they allow to send money electronically back and forth. This system makes business-to-business transactions and e-commerce processes easy and efficient.

Recurring Billing Options:

Online payments are more flexible and convenient. With this billing process taking place, again and again, customers can get their weekly and monthly payment receipts in their inbox via e-mail verification.


 It helps the website to go online and be available to users worldwide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It means a customer can buy anything, anytime, anywhere easily. 

Secure Processing:

It can secure your transaction and effectively protect sensitive data. Customer data is always behind the cover. They are very reliable and also protect merchants from heavy fees. With the use of encryption prevents message tempering while the information is transfer.
It fasters the transaction process and you can make purchases without the difficulty of the long wait. It also provides flexibility for selecting and acquiring bank facilities. It deposits money directly and automatically to the bank account. It is quick to implement and customers only pay for process transactions. These gateways help you to make your report generation and payment settlement easy. It also normally allowed reports and refunds via the browser of the gateway website.

It technically protects buyer and seller both from fraud payments and transactions. It makes the communication between buyer and seller easy. You can easily report the error to the website.

Note: If the source code is not available then the user asks Hybreathe for source code.


Hybreathe offers you integration services of machine translator APIs on your website. It helps you to translate your web pages into many other languages. You can also select the language you want. It can translate word, phrases, web pages and large content fast and easily and saves your time.

Neural Machine Translation 
It is a next-generation machine translation service. More fluent, human-like translations. It prefers higher translation quality and accuracy. Context is taken into the website, better for under-resourced languages with less data

Multi-language service
It gives you the most relevant translation of a webpage in many different languages. It becomes easy to understand with any confusion.

Importance of Translator Integration

Translators play an important role in businesses globally. With its support, you can convey information accurately from one language to another in different countries around the globe. Integration of these APIs will help you to make your website reachable for everyone in the world. With the selection of languages, they can easily translate the website into their language.

Advantages of Translators

  • It is easy and fast to use
  • It is accurate and time-saving
  • Quick turnaround time
  • You can translate between multiple languages using only one tool
  • It is improving constantly
  • It enables easy communication with foreigners.
  • Offline translation feature makes your travel, vacation and business trips comfortable.
  • It allows text to speech and voice recognition


A map is the representation of land with all physical features. Web Mapping is a process of using maps having a geographic information system. It is not just web cartography but it also allows consumers to choose what the map will show.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of web Maps, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps etc on your website. It will facilitate you in travelling, routing and mapping experience. You can easily monitor things.

 Role of Web Maps

 They provide a way to work online and interact with geographical content which is organized as layers. We can share them on the websites. It contains reference base map with a set of additional data layers and tools that work on these layers. It plays a vital role in making routes and sharing trips.

 Importance of Web Maps

 Web Maps plays an important role in finding routes and share them. It also enables us to avail of different services during travelling in or outer location. We can use it with success in disaster management such as earthquake monitoring.

 Advantages of Web Map

  • It offers you global reach
  • Easy and fast to use
  • It provides unified updates
  • It is cost-efficient
  • It shows the best collaboration with other tools such as Google Earth etc
  • It gives integration of different form of media like pictures in web maps
  • We get every information and information updates timely
  • It greatly improves our life standard



The circulation of banknotes and coins as a medium exchange is known as currency. It is a medium of exchanging goods and services. The circulation and exchange of currencies run smoothly with the help of currency converters. High-grade currency convertibility wants an easily available supply of the physical currency which is why some countries require capital controls on funds leaving its country.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of currency APIs like XeCurrency, currency layer etc. It helps you to get updates about foreign exchange rates and currency conversions of multiple currencies. You will be able to get all the information about the global trade market.

Importance of Currency Converters

The currency converter is easy to use and understand. It plays an important role in fluctuations of rates in real-time. It helps to get the highest possible profit rates. It covers the actual costs of currency exchange and leaves a certain and well-defined edge to keep business growing. With extended support from global players, new businesses, strategic partnerships, and direct investments grow.

Under currency convertibility there is the simple access to foreign trade, it greatly improves the growth of business and capital flows between the countries. In simple language, capital account convertibility enables anyone to smoothly move from local currency into foreign currency and reverse.

Advantages of Currency Converter

  • Easy access to foreign capitals
  • Better goods and services available
  • It improves financial systems
  • It enhances employment and business opportunities
  • A good sign for stable markets
  • It encourages the import and export substitutions
  • It gives a boost to integration of the world's economy
  • Availability of large funds and promote economic growth
  • It improves the approach to international financial markets
  • Reduces cost of capital


A company that provides public service of air transportation on different routes. Customers these days prefer booking flights online and browsing for data associated with air travel. Hence, for airlines, it has grown all the way more important to have websites that offer users all the necessary details on flight schedules, booking processes and exclusive deals.

Hybreathe offers you the integration services of airline APIs like Emirates, Google flights etc. Integrate airline on your websites will boost customer experience!

Here are some important points:

Flight timings and Destination Details

Customers can easily see schedules and destination. Mention expenses for every destination. It will improve user experience and drive more traffic to your website.

Convenient Booking and Cancelling Flights

It makes online booking and cancelling of flight easy and fast for your customers. They can easily avail tickets without long waits in a queue.

Interactive Customer Support

Better customer support plays a vital role in enhancing the experience of your customer. Multi-language chat service helps you to get customers all around the globe.

Advantages of Airlines

  • It is very easy and convenient
  • It serves quickly and efficiently
  • The airline is the only means of transport in the areas which are not easily accessible.
  • The airline is free from physical boundaries because it follows the quickest and direct paths
  • The most prominent benefit of air travel is that it is much quicker to reach between places as compared to other means of travel
  • One of the most reliable modes of travels out of all the modes of travel possible is an airline


With the modern development in Internet usage, most people are leaving traditional media such as newspapers and televisions and going online to relieve their craving for the latest news. 

Hybreathe presents you to avail our integration services of News API. We offer integration of Bing news and many other APIs on your website. It will facilitate your search of latest and trending news.

We decided news APIs based on the following criteria:

  • API features: We examined the prominent features of all of the APIs.
  • Price: We analyzed the cost of completing each of the APIs.
  • Data format: We evaluated the data forms that each of the APIs maintains.
  • Ease of use: We observed at the efficiency of integrating each of the APIs.


It offers readers the opportunity to customize their homepages, giving them the power to pick which topics, tags, sections, contents and authors they want to follow, and which they want to drop.

Breaking News

Today, news reading is a concern of seconds; it takes place on the move. In this very quick and active process, these APIs provide you with all the latest and breaking news.

Embeddable Articles

Journalistic content grows more worthy as long as it gets a more extended distribution, and thus reaches a greater audience. So, videos and sometimes podcasts and maps can move freely from one site to different through embedding.

 Advantages of News APIs

  • It will allow you to search for many news outlets from around the globe
  • It provides you with all the important and latest news about the world
  • It allows you to search published articles using keywords
  • It offers very simple and quick documentation and implementation
  • It displays the most recent stories on your website
  • It helps to improve the reading experience of your reader and strengthen the reader movement on your website

Social Media

Platform to participate in social networking. It enables users to create, modifies and share content. Social media is a retailing approach that allows you to utilize social channels as extensions for branding and retailing efforts as the main channel.

Hybreathe offers integration of many social media platforms on your website. Social media integration is essential because it provides your website visitors with a simple, fast and manageable means to connect with your brand on their preferable channel, which gives you more chances to interact with them.

Ways to Integrate Social Media

We can integrate social media on your website in several ways. The most important and common ways are:

Social Share and Follow Button

The simplest technique to start integrating social media on your website is to add follow buttons to your pages. It will allow your users to share, repost or pin your content.

Social Login

If your website demands users to log in, you can include social buttons and allow users to sign in through their social media profile. It will be beneficial for your website.

Share Social Photos and Videos

Show your social photos and video on your website is another easy action that can quickly bring new visitors and increase your follower numbers.

Advantages of Social Media

  • It is very simple and quick to integrate
  • It is an open marketplace
  • You can increase your follower's traffic globally
  • It allows photo, video and interactive sharing
  • It enables blogging and community building
  • Helps you to build a concrete character
  • It costs less and gives more
  • It creates a personal connection with customers
  • Allows reaching a wide range of audience
  • Boost your marketing efforts