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Hybreathe offers you integration services of Stripe APIs. It is important to have Stripe APIs integrated on your website because it will ease the automated payments, reminder emails and refunds etc.

Stripe APIs

Stripe introduces many APIs to ease its users.

Accept a card payment: It helps to collect payments on your website, track payments, collecting card information and to submit payment to Stripe for processing.

Place a hold on a card: It reserves funds and only obtains them after you complete the service. When the payment is approved it holds the customer's card for up to 7 days. If the payment is not obtained in time than the authorization is cancel and funds are released.

Cancelling and refunding payments: Customer can refund charges. Refund processes with your stripe balance and if your balance does not cover the amount. Stripe charges it from your bank account. Customer can see the refund as a balance around 5-10 business days later. Notifying email will also send to customer with some conditions apply.

Using connect with Express account: Express accounts will allow your program to manages payout plans. It offers personalization of flow of funds and control branding. Stripe will manage integration, account management and identity verification of your program.

Stripe Services

Stripe allows collecting payments and deposits it in your bank account. It provides APIs that helps to put together payment processing in your website and mobile applications. It gives us complete support to operate online payment systems. It prevents fraud transactions.
Stripe introduces a billing product for online businesses. It allows them to maintain subscription and receipts.

Stripe Account and Payment

Stripe account is more like a bank account. You can open various accounts for your business. Every account owns a dashboard, payments and users. You can collect payments in other currencies rather than default currency and Stripe will make it to your account currency. You can transfer money to your bank account. Stripe payment allows you to collect payments from all around the world on the web from the customers.
You can set up payments with:

Advantages of stripe

  • It charges you no additional fees for setup, account maintenance, and cancellation etc.
  • You can sign up for account quickly and easily.
  • It gives you many integration options and it is highly customizable.
  • It helps you to make international payments and transactions.
  • It allows the user to stay on your site when making the payment.