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It is a web-based online payment gateway. It allows you to transfer funds electronically from one party to another. It allows money transferring and enables synchronization with social media and your contacts.

Hybreathe offers you integration services of the Venmo payment solution. It facilitates your digital payments within the social network of your friends and people.

Features of Venmo

It offers you features to enhance your customer shopping experience.

Brand Presentation

With Venmo, businesses can grow information far and wide about them. That is because the app connects users with their societies of friends and when one posts about a purchase in a store, many people will see it. This generates a discussion about the brand and since word-of-mouth is the most beneficial marketing tool, it can convince others to purchase from the brand, too.

Intuitive Payment Experience

Businesses accepting Venmo present clients with an automatic and fast payment experience. Users can pay for their articles with just a few clicks, fast-tracking the pleasure of their newly bought articles.


Venmo takes care of guarding and protecting users’ business data by using encryption technology in bank or card linking and confirmation methods as well as during web or in-app purchases. This lets businesses concentrate more on marketing rather than worrying about the customer’s bank account or card details getting leaked.

Customer Care Services

Customer service at Venmo is excellent. The support centre for developers is very extensive and beneficial. 

Advantages of Venmo

  • It is very convenient, free and fast
  • Very Impressive features
  •  Its menu navigation is quick to send or receives money.
  • No problems with the interface
  • Very few steps required to start up an account
  • Easily accessible
  • Transactions remain private
  • It does not charge users for sending and receiving money