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We Pay

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WePay is an American online payment service. It provides a completely integrated and customized payment solution.

Hybreathe allows you to get our integration services of Wepay. WePay gives different types of automated payment processing opportunities ranging from single personal money transfers to fully customizable e-commerce checkouts.

Features of WePay

WePay is a quick, simple, reliable, and sincere payment for clients. WePay provides multiple payers solutions to facilitate client experience. The best customer experience you give, the higher the loyalty will be. This can accelerate your clients to come back to your e-commerce website quickly and frequently. 

Ease of handling

It is simple to register on WePay. It operates on a per transaction type so that the primary creation of the account, the configuration, and the processing of the transactions include minimum payments. WePay also assists what it calls payment policies. With this type of platform, we are leading to pages such as crowdfunding.

Other WePay's Offer

The solution helps payment possibilities other than regular payment cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, With this solution, you can make electronic payments, which serve to have cheaper fees and no limit on the amount of the transaction. This is beneficial in conditions such as fundraising.

Advantages of WePay

  • Very easy, simple and smooth to use
  • Multiple customization tools
  • It offers the best fraud prevention service
  • User interface and integration is great
  • Highly customizable
  • A secure way for online payments